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About Chemsafe

Chemisal safety

CHEMSAFE is the brand name of Chemisal Safety Ltd.

We are still the same company: Chemisal Safety Ltd. with Registration number: #506800.

We are now using CHEMSAFE as our new Brand because it better describes what we offer:

A single Chemical Safety hub for all required Products and Services.

**Please note that all contact details, Bank details, and other information remain as is.**



At CHEMSAFE we work very hard to give exceptional service to our clients …. Simple as that!!



We fully understand that one size does not fit all, so we deliver many projects that we tweak to suit the client’s individual needs. Deadlines for Audits are normal in our business, and we will work late, through week ends, basically whatever is needed but we will not let clients down! This means that we end up at times in on site fitting equipment, unpacking boxes recently and stacking shelves the night before an Audit!


Quality is central to what we do, and the product range we deliver is rigorously tested to the highest standards and Certified by bodies such as UL, FM Global, TUV, DIBt, LPC, Warrington Research, Infraserv Hochst, MPA Dresden amongst others.


We Guarantee Compliance! With 25 years of specialist international experience, we have designed and delivered over 18,500 projects, products, services and solutions which are all designed to deliver compliance to both local Legislation and a range of Audits including EPA, FDA, IMB, JCI, FM Global, Corporate EHS and Standards including ISO 14000, 18000 and EMAS.


CHEMSAFE is your Compliance Partner!! For any organisation using chemicals there are a wide range of various Regulations related to chemical transport, storage, dispensing handling and waste management.

We have a simple idea: CHEMSAFE protects our clients by offering a single source or Compliance Partner for all possible Products, Services and Support needed to ensure compliance with all the various Regulations related to chemical transport, storage, dispensing handling and waste management. We have built up a large bank of knowledge based on international projects over the last 25 years, and we use this as the basis to protect our client’s people, facilities, corporate reputation and ongoing business.

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Our philosophy is to use all our resources to go above and beyond the normal to protect our clients!

At CHEMSAFE we have seen the devastating effects of many accidents, incidents and explosions involving chemicals, some fatal. So for the last 25 years, the knowledge base of the company has been specifically dedicated to developing products and services to help prevent accidents, raise awareness of the dangers and deliver packaged solutions to make it as safe to work with dangerous chemicals. If there is no standard solution, then we design and build it because we want to sleep well at night knowing we did our very best for our clients. We advise, assess, design, build , install train and maintain the safest systems available for chemical safety.

Our innovations, our products and our services have helped us create a trusted, market leading company, and we know that our continued success is linked to the consistent delivery of only the best solutions possible.


  • To reduce chemical safety risk and deliver safer workplaces internationally for our clients
  • To become a recognised International market leader within 5 years.
  • To steadily grow by giving exceptional service to protect our Clients people, facilities and operations
  • To provide benefits to our community, team, families in every way possible 
  • To reduce our  impact on the environment in every way possible during the course of our business  


  • Unit 9 Castletroy Park, Commercial Campus, Limerick, Ireland
  • T: + 353 (0)61 523 444
  • F: + 353 (0)61 523 2243
  • M - F: 9am - 5pm


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