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Stainless steel safety cans

Premium Quality Safety Containers – stainless steel German Made for quality, durability, function and safety. IF you need the best solution for long term safety and compliance for your Site chemicals, our Stainless Premium Quality safety containers deliver  for  Maximum employee…

Storing Corrosives

How should I store containers of corrosives? Before storing corrosives, inspect all incoming containers of corrosives to ensure that they are undamaged and properly labeled.  Do not accept delivery of defective containers. Corrosives can destroy containers made of improper materials.…

15 Rules for storing chemicals

Inspections of chemical storage areas on a routine basis will help to correct deficiencies and prevent accidents. Check out our list of 15 rules for storing chemicals safely: Segregate all incompatible chemicals or other groups of chemicals that may react…

4 Reasons to rent CHEMSAFE Stores

Do you know why some companies prefer renting than buying? Here we have 4 reasons why customers prefer renting than buying. Some of these situations might be your case! Talk to us if you need any further information.  Budgets:  When Capital Funding…

Wishing you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019 !

We hope you, your family and colleagues have a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.  Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to working with you again in 2019.  CHEMSAFE team. 

8 critical steps dealing with a spill

Be prepared for spills with this 8 step guide to Spill Response: 1. Alert:     - Maintain safely all the personnel.     - Cordon off the area using barrier tape.     - Notify colleagues of the spill…

Best Fireproof Storage for flammables

The risk of fire always exists for companies that use chemicals or flammable liquids. However, proper storage of flammable liquids prevents fires and protects workers. FIRESAFE is a market leading range of specialist stores, specifically engineered for the safe, secure and compliant storage…

8 reasons to choose CHEMSAFE bund test

How much you know about bunds?  A Bund is defined as a retention facility (including walls and base) built around an area where potentially polluting substances are handled, processed or stored, for the purposes of containing any unintended escape of…

10 Tips Working Safely with corrosives

1. Why should I substitute with a less hazardous material where possible? Substitution can be the best way to avoid or reduce a hazard. Often though, it is not easy or even possible to find a non-corrosive or less corrosive…

Fireproof 90 minutes Cabinet

  Don’t take chances with Flammables!! Protect your Site with EN 14470 Fire Rated Safety Storage Cabinets Type 90   The European Standard EN 14470-1 for Fire Rated Safety Cabinets came into force in 2004 is recognized as the leading Global standard…

Free Site Assessment

At CHEMSAFE we have seen the devastating effects of many accidents, incidents and explosions involving chemicals, some fatal.              For the last 25 years, the knowledge base of the company has been specifically dedicated to developing…

10 Workplace Safety Rules

Workplace Safety procedures will always be a necessity for all staff, no matter the size of your business. Safety measures protect employees, equipment and business property. A safe work environment is a productive one. Besides, avoiding injuries and damage to…


Hi Folks,  Thanks again for your supoport to date, we really appreciate that we can work together to make your workplace safer! To improve our service, we have worked really hard to get our new website live, and we hope…


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