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Why some companies prefer Renting rather than Buying?

Chemsafe Rentals Budgets

Budget Shot?

If Capex budgets are cut or something unexpected pops up, CHEMSAFE have the answer. In terms of safety and compliance, you need a fast solution:  we can rent you a Tested and Certified Safety Store which can be on site in a few days!!!

The monthly charge is much less than the cost of a brand new CHEMSAFE, allowing you to save money while storing your hazardous materials in a safe, compliant CHEMSAFE Storage unit.


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Temporary Project Solution:

Got a Construction Project on? Need Short Term Temporary Storage Cover that is fully Certified and guaranteed Compliant?

CHEMSAFE can rent you a Compliant solution for a couple of months until a project is complete. By renting a chemical storage building, you can get a safe, secure structure for only the time that you need it, without having to invest in a permanent building that you don’t need.

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Flexible Storage Solutions:

Assess your needs before you buy:

If you only need to house 10 pallets now, but expect your requirements to increase in the medium term then, you can rent a Complaint Solution for the midterm  without concerns of outgrowing your storage capacity.

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Turnkey Solution:

CHEMSAFE always hold chemical storage buildings, lockers, and equipment on-hand and ready for delivery. Just contact us and let us know your requirements; we’ll supply you with a ready-to-use, fully-compliant chemical storage unit.

Here is what we offer:

  • Terms from 3 months

  • Full Range of sizes

  • Storage and Spill Kits Range

  • Purchase Option

  • New or approved use units

  • Customised Solutions

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Do you need any further information?

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