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Chemsafe Risk Assessment

Chemical Risk Assessment – a legal requirement!

People are working every day in environments where they are exposed to very hazardous chemicals, often without being fully aware of the dangers which exist and the risks they face. 

Putting an effective chemical risk management plan into practice with the assistance of CHEMSAFE will help to ensure the safety of all workers, protect the property and help employers meet their Legal and Moral obligations.

What is it about?

CHEMSAFE have more than 24 years working internationally to minimise the real risks involved with dangerous Chemicals when:

  • Handling
  • Storing 
  • Transferring
  • Using
  • Disposing 

Our risk management services bring all our experience to bear to identify and evaluate the many dangers involved with the handling or use of a hazardous substance.

The CHEMSAFE Difference

CHEMSAFE have developed a methodology we call our ARISE Program:

Risk Assessment Pic
Chemsafe Safety Audit1
Risk Assessment Walking
Chemsafe Training Classes

Assess: we carry out a detailed assessment of each site, following from receipt of chemicals, through storage, handling, use, waste generation and disposal. 

Recommend: once we have all relevant information, we evaluate the scope of the risk and determine the best approach to manage it. We recommend Control actions required, and  identify the best methods to reduce risk.

Install: CHEMSAFE also design engineered solutions which are specific to the Project, and Install this equipment where necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes for the client. 

Support: CHEMSAFE support our clients, for the long term. We will maintain the equipment installed, carry out annual maintenance, and ensure that we are there when we are needed most. 

Educate: Education saves lives, and with dangerous substances knowledge is vital. CHEMSAFE deliver site specific training, where the information is clear, memorable and relevant to the team on site.

Book now your Risk Assessment!

If you would like further information about our Risk Assessment or you would like to book it, please contact us.



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