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Spill Response Audit

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Even a small spill has the potential to considerably cause serious and expensive damage to human health and the environment, not to mention hundreds of thousands of euros in fines, negative publicity leading to Brand devaluation and possible prosecutions.

With proper Planning and preparation, it is possible to avoid the vast majority of these incidents.

If an Incident does occur, CHEMSAFE will ensure that a viable Spill Response Plan is in place with the required Training and correct Equipment to prevent a serious incident.

Chemsafe site compliance audit will look at:

  • Hazardous LiquidsFrom point of unloading, through storage, transport across the site, handling, dispensing, waste generation, waste storage and compliant disposal
  • Drainage systemCan a spill be released through the Drainage system?
  • Storm water drainage identification and Protection

  • Water receptors: Those close to your site, such as rivers and streams

  • Spill Management Plan: Is it viable, up to date and ‘fit for purpose’?

  • Spill Response Equipment: Is all the equipment correctly specified, positioned and stocked on your site?

  • Employee trainingAre ‘worst case’ Spill Response Exercises conducted?

  • Chemical StorageSegregation, Bunding, Safe Loading are all reviewed

  • Waste Storage: Is it compliant?

  • Chemical Storage: Segregation, Bunding, Safe Loading are all reviewed

CHEMSAFE provide a detailed Report with site pictures, detailed findings and Recommendations. We will identify any gaps and potential areas of non-compliance at each area, the legislation that covers this, and provide actions or solutions to reach compliance.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients have a safe, robust, up to date action plan in case a serious Incident occurs. We ensure that proper Training has been completed and there are no unknowns when it comes to dealing with a Serious Spill.

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