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Temperature Controlled Stores

Chemsafe Temperature Controlled 2

CHEMSAFE manufactures our TEMPSAFE range of Compliant Chemical Storage Systems specifically designed to store hazardous and pollutant materials and chemicals at specific temperatures or within specific temperature ranges. Whether storing chemicals at 8 degrees or 28 degrees, we have air conditioned, refrigerated, freezer, and heated buildings to maintain your chemical’s integrity, regardless of the temperature range they require.

Our climate controlled buildings create peace of mind with turn-key installation and delivery, coupled with our heavy duty, fully welded steel construction and 15-Year Structural Warranty.

TEMPSAFE air conditioned chemical storage buildings are heavily insulated Containers which are delivered to site with all specified equipment in place. After on site commissioning, the TEMPSAFE Chemical Store is then ready for use.

Chemsafe Temperature Controlled 1
Chemsafe Temperature Controlled 3
Chemsafe Temperature Controlled 5

Atex Temperature Control system

For Flammables we also offer an Atex Temperature Control system and Atex lighting if required. A wide array of accessories and our 15-year Structural Warranty make these TEMPSAFE Stores ensure that you to have a temperature controlled Chemical storage building that meets all chemical storage regulation and protects your valuable Materials.

ATEX Certified

Temperature monitoring solutions

We offer a range of temperature monitoring solutions, from wired Chart Recorders to wireless Cloud Based Data Loggers.

The systems also have an alarm option and we provide a Global Monitoring system if required where data can be extracted from sites globally in real time.

Temperature Controlled Stores

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